Honeymoon phase hoax

Who doesn’t want that perfect fairytale ending “…and they lived happily ever after” right? Who doesn’t want Prince Charming to sweep them off of their feet and take them into the sunset? When you’re dating it’s all roses, romantic evenings, the best make out sessions, and you get butterflies when you say ‘I love you’. It’s amazing. But marriage? Marriage is even better.

I cringe at the phrase “the honeymoon phase” as if you are only madly in love for a short amount of time until reality sets in. You know- I don’t buy that. I think that life is what you  make it. If you want you can make your entire marriage life as good as the honeymoon. Obviously, you can’t relax in a swanky hotel on a beach in Mexico with not a care in the world forever (although I wouldn’t mind trying haha). Life starts and you get some curveballs. You go to college and get student loans, have a diet of Ramen, find out you have some personality differences, your car breaks down and you spend your savings fixing it, kids come and wowee that’s expensive, the car breaks down again, you lose your job, you get sick as you move across the country, and it continues for the rest of your life. So the way I see it is that you can either go through all of those hard times (and good times!) with your bestest friend in the whole wide world happily or you can go fighting and begrudging eachother. I choose the first.

You need to have a good attitude in your marriage! Look for the good in each other! Remember how in love you were when you started your little family? You can have that every single day for the rest of eternity! It’s all up to you. Like I mentioned earlier, there will be hard times in your life and in your marriage but God gave you someone that you can go through it with. He gave you a built-in best friend who, although isn’t perfect, loves you. If your marriage isn’t what you want it to be, I challenge you to change it and change yourself.

xoxo rhaine


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